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Solar powered LED light bulbs are not new but there are a couple of features that make the Sun Energy S240 LED Light Bulb rather unique. The first is purely aesthetic. The Sun Energy S240 LED Light Bulb is shaped like a incandescent light bulb with the upper half removed and a solar panel added on instead. Secondly, at maximum brightness, the LED bulb gives up a maximum of 72 lumens.

The Sun Energy S240 LED Light Bulb has 2 modes, a high brightness mode with all 8 LEDs lighting up and a low brightness mode with just 1 LED lighted. Under high brightness, the built in rechargeable 500 mAh battery lasts about 4 hours while under low brightness expect the bulb to continue lighting for 12 hours straight.

This makes the Sun Energy S240 LED Light Bulb ideal for camping and also for emergencies. The bulb is water resistant and works outdoors as well as indoors. The bulb can be set to automatically switch off in bright light.

It can either be charged up via the solar panels or via the included USB cable. It only takes an hour to fully charge the bulb using USB charging.
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Solar Powered S240 LED Light Bulb collects energy from the sun by day and provides clean, light at night. Can also be charged by USB in only 1 hour.

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