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If you haven’t had the pleasure of installing smart lighting in your home, you don’t know what you are missing. Modern smart lighting systems allow you to do things like control your lighting remotely or automatically set up scenes that matches your task or mood. Pair your lighting with a smart home device like Alexa and you can even control your lights with just your voice. If you have a large home with lots of lights, replacing all the standard light bulbs with smart ones and setting up everything can be an expensive and daunting task. With the new Noon Smart Lighting system, you can have smart lights for your entire home without changing a single light bulb.

The Noon Smart Lighting system works by replacing your existing light wall switches with smart light switches. So instead of smart light bulbs, the lights are controlled by the wall switches. It works with all existing type of lights from recessed lights to pendant lights to track lights. It also works with all kinds of light bulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescent to modern LED bulbs. As long as the light is wired to a wall switch, it will work with the Noon Smart Lighting system.

The brains behind the Noon Smart Lighting system is the Room Director. The Room Director sits on one of the wall switches and it communicates wirelessly with all the other Noon smart switches in the room. The Room Director is much more than just a controller that turns lights on and off or adjust their brightness. The Room Director controls layered lighting. Layered lighting organizes all 3 types of lighting; ambient, task and accent, to create different scenes in a room.

For example, you can set a dining scene where the pendant lights above the dining table are fully lit up while all other lights are dimmed down to create a focus on the dining table. Or you can have a home theater scene that switches off other lights plus dim the lights around the TV. The Noon Smart Lighting system has a bulb detection technology and applies dim curves to help set up the perfect scenes for you.

The Noon Smart Lighting system also works seamlessly with Alexa letting you control any Noon controlled light with just your voice. You can also remotely control your lights via an app. Last but not least, the system will also learn over time your lighting habits. This in turn is used to mimic your patterns in vacation mode to simulate you being at home.

Installing the Noon Smart Lighting system is more complicated than changing a light bulb. It does require swapping light switches and working with high voltage wiring. If you are not comfortable doing this, you will require a professional installer.
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