Have you ever misplaced or damaged your prescription eyeglasses and ended up being blind as a bat? If you are lucky, you may have an old pair tucked away somewhere for emergency use even though they may not be the correct prescription strength. What if there are eyeglasses that allow you to change the prescription strength? Then you will always have a spare pair of eyeglasses that has the correct strength. The FocusSpecs Self-adjusting Eyeglasses are just the eyeglasses that you need.

The FocusSpecs Self-adjusting Eyeglasses has a special dial on both sides of the frame that allows you to adjust and fine-tune the prescription strength of each of the lens anywhere from -1.0 to -5.0 Diopters. You can use these dials to adjust each lens to fit the strength that you need for each eye. These eyeglasses are great as a backup pair just in case you need them. They can even be shared by more than one person. They are relatively cheap so keep a pair in the car, nightstand or even your suitcase.



Where to Buy FocusSpecs Self-adjusting Eyeglasses


FocusSpecs Self-adjusting Eyeglasses

FocusSpecs are patented self adjustable eyeglasses that work to correct 90% of all near and far sighted vision problems.

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