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Drying clothes using the power of the sun not just saves on electricity, it is better for your clothes. It is also the drying method of choice of when traveling, camping or backpacking. The clothesline is also a practical for drying swimwear at a hotel or for rinsing out clothes for a business traveler. This makes the Travel Bungee Clothesline is a must-have add-on to your travel gear. It lets you do your laundry anywhere while saving you money.

The Travel Bungee Clothesline lets you go back to the basics by allowing you to quickly set up a clothesline. All you need are two sturdy fixed objects to attach the ends of the line to. You have a choice of either using the loop or the hook to attach the ends.

The line itself is made from strong and stretchable bungee cord that can extend up to 72″ long. It is strong enough to support soaking wet heavy and thick garments. The feature that we liked the most is that you don’t need any clothespins. You either drape your clothes over the line or unravel the bungee cord slightly to secure your clothes through the gaps in the cord. Do take note that if the line is stretched to the maximum length, it does get harder to use this feature.

The other great thing about the Travel Bungee Clothesline is that it is very light and takes up minimal space. Two very important features for travelers as space and weight are always a premium for most types of travelers. Pair this with the Scrubba and you got all your travel laundry needs well covered.

While the Travel Bungee Clothesline is obviously designed with the traveler, camper and RV user in mind, it is also a great gadget to have at home. Need more hanging space? Just quickly set up a temporary clothesline with the Travel Bungee Clothesline. Remove it when you are done and there won’t be any unsightly clothesline.
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