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We have come across many minimalist or slim wallets but the Flowfold Ultra Slim Wallet is one of the slimmest minimalist wallet that we have come across so far. Incredibly, the Flowfold wallet is as slim as a single credit card when empty. It is so light, it will float on water even when it is full of cash and cards. However, don’t let the waiflike dimensions fool you because this wallet is tougher than steel.

The Flowfold Ultra Slim Wallet is made from repurposed racing sails. This material is an ultra high tech material that is a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar. Yes, Kevlar. The same material that is used to make bullet-proof vests. This wallet is built to last.

Flowfold Ultra Slim Wallet

The incredibly slim wallet measures 4.25″ x 2.75″ x 0.1″ and will hold up to an amazing 11 cards plus your cash. It has just a single compartment for holding your cards and cash. If you need more compartments, Flowfold also has bifold and trifold wallets made from the same material.

The Flowfold Ultra Slim Wallet is made to seemlessly fit your front and back pants pocket but we think we are going to keep ours in our front shirt pocket for know.. protection against gunshots.

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