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The great thing about modern smart home devices is how easy they are to install and set up on your own. Gone are the days where you need professionals to help with installation or to rewire the entire house. Well, upgrading your wall switches to become smart switches to control everything from lights to fans is going to get even easier by just using the Switchmate. This Indiegogo funded smart switch can be installed by just fitting over your existing wall switches. It attaches magnetically to the existing screws and literally installs in just seconds.

Currently, the easy way to upgrade your home lighting system to a smart one is by replacing the light bulbs with smart bulbs. It is a relatively easy task as most if not all people are perfectly capable of changing a light bulb. However, if you have many bulbs, it may become a costly affair. In addition, there may be light bulbs that are difficult to access. Switchmate makes all this unnecessary by just making the switches smart.

Normally, this would require replacing the switch face plate and that means fiddling with electrical wires. Not everyone is capable of doing this. However, the beauty of the Switchmate system is how easy they are to install. You just fit it over your existing wall switch and that is it. Switchmate supports most toggle and rocker type switches. You may not be able to fit over a multi-gang switch though if the toggles are fit close together.

The only other thing you have to do is install the free app and configure it to your needs. Switchmate connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE. You can toggle your switches remotely, set up timers or you can have lights sync to sunset and sunrise times. It can detect when your phone is in range and automatically turn switches on or off. You will never come back to a dark home.

Switchmate is totally mobile and portable. You can easily swap it from one switch to another according to your needs. This also means that it is perfect for renters as you can just bring along your smart switches together with you when you move out. It runs on 2 AA batteries and depending on how often the switch is used, each set of batteries should last between 8 to 12 month. There is also an option to add a hub that allows you to control your Switchmate switches from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
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