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Okay, the Anti-Kidnapping Watchband won’t actually prevent you from being kidnapped. The only way to do that is to lock yourself in a vault and throw away the key but we don’t think that puts you in a better situation than being kidnapped. However the Anti-Kidnapping Watchband does provide you with the tools that may help you escape from a kidnapping situation.

The Anti-Kidnapping Watchband or A-K Band for short is a inconspicuous standard watchband that replaces your current watchband. Hidden inside the watchband are a ceramic razor blade, a polymer handcuff key, and a 4′ Kevlar friction saw. With these tools plus some practice, you should be able to free yourself if you are tied up with a rope, duct tape, zip ties, or handcuffs.

With the friction saw, you should be able to saw yourself out of zip ties or flex cuffs while the razor blade should come in handy in cutting through duct tape and rope. The handcuff key will the vast majority of handcuffs used around the world.

Anti-Kidnapping Watchband

Needless to say you will need some practice removing the suitable tool from the watchband and actually using it to free yourself. Also bear in mind that most likely that your hands will tied behind your back making practice even more essential. Fortunately the makers of the A-K Band, Gearward, has provided full instructions with photos and videos on how to use the tools in different situations.

If you plan to travel or if your job requires you to travel to countries where the risk of being kidnapped is high, you may want to seriously consider investing in the Anti-Kidnapping Watchband and do some practicing before embarking on your trip.

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