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Have you heard of the LoopPay Card Mobile Payment System? It is an amazing new technology that lets you store all your credit and debit cards on a single LoopPay Card. You can then use the LoopPay Card at almost any store that uses a regular credit card swipe reader. That means millions of stores and restaurants. Just use the LoopWallet App on your smartphone to select the card you want to use.

The LoopPay Card communicates wirelessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Just download the free LoopWallet App, sign up for a LoopPay account and you can start storing all your cards in your LoopPay Card using the included card reader. The LoopPay Card works with both iOS and Android smartphone.

LoopPay doesn’t just support credit and debit cards. In fact, all your magnetic stripe cards including your loyalty and gift cards can be stored on the LoopPay Card. Selecting the card that you want is easy. The LoopWallet App organizes all you stored card and lets you pick the card that you want by just tapping on an image of the card. To use the card, just place the LoopPay Card next to the next to the credit card swipe slot and press the transmit button on the app. Yes, it’s that easy!

If you prefer, you can just pass the LoopPay Card on its own to the cashier without your phone. The LoopPay Card has a button that can be pressed to initiate the data transmission and authorize the payment.

Because the revolutionary system used by LoopPay allows it to work with existing card swipe terminals and even the newer chip card terminals, it is currently the most widely accepted mobile payment system. It is 40 times more accepted compared to Apple Pay. LoopPay Cards also work worldwide!

For security, the LoopPay Card is protected against unauthorized usage using a PIN or password on the app. Furthermore, you can set the card to be locked according to timing and preferences.

The LoopPay Card Mobile Payment System supports iPhone 5 and newer plus also most Android phones running Android 4.3 or higher. For convenience, a stick on pouch is included with each LoopPay Card that allows you to attach your card to the back of your phone so that you will always have your phone together with your card. For iPhone users, you can also buy the special LoopPay CardCase for iPhone 6 and iPhone 5/5s. This is a special phone case that includes a slot for storing the LoopPay Card.

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