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Looking for a smart door lock to replace your current door lock? Tired of carrying tons of keys that weigh you down? Do you have a fear of losing your house keys? If you are looking for a smart door lock that solves all of the above problems that is also reasonably priced and easy to install on your own, the HARFO HL1 may be just the smart lock for you.

First of all, the HARFO HL1 doesn’t even look much like a smart lock. It has no keypad or fancy display. It looks very much like a common lock or at most. a high quality one with a sleek all-black design.

The fact that it looks very much like a standard lock is also the reason why it is so easy to install this smart lock. It comes with all the hardware required to install on a door from scratch. However, if you are replacing an existing lock, the entire installation process only requires 2 screws.

The HARFO HL1 uses a fingerprint sensor in place of a key. To unlock the door, just place briefly place your thumb over the sensor and turn the lever. If you do not turn the lever, the lock will automatically relock after a few seconds.

The lock can store up to 100 thumbprints. You can store any fingerprint but the lock works most conviniently with a thumbprint. You may want to store a couple of other prints for emergency purpose.

The HARFLO HL1 is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Charging is via a micro USB port on the lock itself. A single full charge is expected to last up to 1 whole year based on normal usage.

There are some disadvantages with the smart lock that we discovered. Firstly, there are no keys supplied, even for emergency purposes. While you may be able to add house guests by registering their prints, there is no way to pass a key to someone in the traditional sense.

Secondly, the lock does not connect to the internet and there is no app. Hence it does not keep a record of all who entered and neither can you set a way for the lock to notify you when it is used.

The HARFLO HL1 may not be a fully featured as some of the more advanced smart locks out there but that is not what it is meant to be. It is supposed to be an easy and relatively cheap way for you to upgrade your door lock to keyless entry and save money by doing the installation yourself.
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