Want to turn your study room into something that resembles the secret laboratory of a evil mad scientist? You can start off by replacing your desk lamp with the Duffy Lab Flask Lamp.

The Duffy Lab Flask Lamp looks like a over-sized incandescent light bulb but it is actually made from a genuine round-bottom Pyrex laboratory flask that has been sand blasted for that frosted surface that diffuses the light nicely for that warm glow. It comes with a cork stand for placing the lamp on a desk top.

Alternatively, you can hang the Duffy Lab Flask Lamp from the ceiling or for a more complete mad scientist lair look, attach it to a laboratory retort stand.



Where to Buy Duffy Lab Flask Lamp


Duffy Lab Flask Lamp

The Duffy Lab Flask Lamp uses genuine laboratory parts, the light is provided by an eco bulb, and the flask is sand blasted Pyrex. Buy from Fancy.com