While are heading towards a paperless office environment there are still a lot of documents that we still cannot escape entirely from its paper form. We still have physical receipts that require filing for our expense reports. Contracts and other printed documents need to be scanned for safekeeping. Scanning documents are usually a hassle. Not only do you need a scanner, you also need a computer to connect the scanner to. The NeatConnect Cloud Scanner promises to make things easier by doing away with the computer and let the scanner scan directly to cloud storage.

All you need to start scanning is to plug in the NeatConnect to an AC outlet and drop your documents into the scanner. There are 3 different slot sizes for dropping your printed documents. One is for large A4 or letter sized documents, a smaller slot for receipts and the smallest slot is for business cards. You don’t have to bother with adjusting a feeding tray. You can even load as many as 15 documents at the same time.

The NeatConnect Cloud Scanner’s optical character recognition software scans and automatically file all of your documents properly before uploading them. There is also a touch screen based control panel that lets you easily set up the scanner including keying in your WiFi password.

You can choose to upload to Neat Receipt’s NeatCloud cloud storage solution (the scanner comes with 3 months of free storage) or you can use your own cloud service such as Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or SkyDrive. You can even choose to upload to an email address or your FTP server.

Your scanned documents are easily retrievable, searchable, editable and shareable from any computer or mobile device including all iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is to install the free Neat mobile app.



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NeatConnect Cloud Scanner

A whole new way to get organized. NeatConnect Cloud Scanner transforms paper into digital files and sends them straight to the cloud, without a computer.

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