Changers is the name of a new portable solar charger producer that has a very lofty but honorable goal. It aims to make this world a better place by fighting against climate change. We all know that solar energy is probably one of the cleanest form of energy out there but haven’t solar chargers been around for a very long time? Well, yes but Changers has a little something extra up its sleeves. Changers is adding a social media aspect to its chargers to incentivize users and possibly reward them as well.

Changers’ starter kit consists of 2 devices. The first is Kalhuohfummi, the charger battery device. This is the device that is used for charging your mobile devices. It is also used to keep track of how much solar energy that has been generated and can then be uploaded to Changers Community social network by connecting the Kalhuohfummi to a computer. The charger has a 4,400 mAh capacity rechargeable battery for storing the charge and outputs 1.4 A through its charging port.

The other component of the kit is the Maroshi solar panel. It is really thin and bendable although over-bending will damage the solar panels. Connect the Maroshi solar panel to the Kalhuohfummi and leave it out in the sun to start soaking up the rays and generating your Changers Credit. Under optimum conditions, the Maroshi is able to fully charge the Kalhuohfummi charger in under 5 hours.

The social aspects of the Changers system works like this. Every one watt-hour generated is recorded as a Changers Credit and this data is uploaded to the Changers Community network. Changers users compete with each other and with friends to generate the most solar energy. Furthermore, Changers Credit earned can be used to redeem for selected products and services. Yes, you do get rewarded for saving the world. There are already a small number of products and services that are available right now including spending 10 credits to have a tree planted and make your Changers Starter Kit CO2 neutral.

The Solar Charger Starting Kit can be purchased from the Changers Online Store for $179.00.