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A spice rack is a great kitchen accessory for storing and organizing your dried herbs and spices so that they are within easy reach when you need them. However, most spice racks come with their own spice bottles that are designed to fit nicely into the rack. That means you have the extra step of transferring your collection from their original bottles or packaging into the provided bottles. That is why we love the SpiceStack from YouCopia. It allows up to neatly store and organize our spice and herb bottles in their original containers.

The SpiceStack has compartments that fit bigger spice bottles that are 5.5″ tall x 2.2″ wide and also the smaller bottles that are up to 4.7″ tall x 2.2″ wide. Although we are not 100% sure but we believe this should cover most if not all the common spice bottle brands including brands like McCormick, Simply Organic, Spice Islands and Lawry’s, both round and square. You can also stack two half-sized bottles on top of each other to fully utilize the storage space.

The great feature of the SpiceStack is that you can pull out each of the compartments and rest at an angle. This provides you with a much better view of what is in the drawer and pick what you need.

The bottom of the spice drawer has non-skid rubber feet. These plus the weight of the other unopened drawers keep the drawer in place as you pull out one of the drawers. This means that the SpiceStack requires no mounting or special assembly and this is what makes it such a popular choice among home cooks. To further aid you in identifying what are in each of the drawers, a set of pre-printed and blank labels are included with each rack.

The SpiceStack comes in a few different sizes. The smallest version or MiniStack can fit 12 full sized bottles while the largest that is also known as the Chef’s Edition SpiceStack, can hold a total of 30 full sized bottles or 60 half sized ones.
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