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A cooler filled with ice cold drinks is the perfect way to cool down on hot days. But you know what is even better? A cooler that is also a portable air conditioner that cools both you and your drinks at the same time! That may sound like a zany product that only the Japanese can come up with but we were as surprised as you to find out that such a product does exists and it is called the IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler.

The IcyBreeze Cooler is a portable air conditioner that you can lug around with you during camping trips, outdoor activities, or even sporting event during the hotter months. This portable air conditioner is an effective way to cool down a small enclosed space like inside a tent, inside a boat or even the sleeping compartment of a camper.

It is a great way to get some reprieve from the scorching heat. Just fill up the cooler with ice or water and you can literally chill out while enjoying a nice cold beer. The storage compartment has a generous 38 quarts of cooler space. That is a lot of space to stash your beer, bottled and can drinks or food.

The IcyBreeze Cooler features a 3-speed fan that blows a constant breeze of cold air up to 25 mph. It comes with an integrated vent and a stay-put hose. Its thick insulated walls keep the ice or water cool for a longer period of time. It comes with a 12-volt rechargeable battery that works for up to 7 hours on the lowest fan speed. For easy transportation, it comes with an ergonomic handle, multiple lift points and large wheels that can roll on a wide variety of surfaces.

The IcyBreeze Cooler comes in several “packages”, each with a different set of accessories. For example the IcyBreeze Blizzard Package comes with a standard charger, a 12V DC car charger as well as wall power supply charger that lets you use the IcyBreeze just about anywhere.

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