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An OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics II) is a device that tracks and reports on the status of a car. OBD devices were originally meant for the automobile service center to easily extract diagnostics on the health of the car. Nowadays, drivers can buy consumer OBD devices that allow them to self check without going to service center. The Bouncie is an OBD2 device that is specifically aimed at parents of new drivers.

There are many OBD2 devices out there that does more or less the same thing as Bouncie. However, the free app that comes with it has extra features. Features that any parent of a new and young drivers who just got their license will be interested in.

For example, Bouncie keeps record of where it is and where it has been. Current location is marked on a map which you can access live. No more worrying where your teenager is in the middle of the night. The app will let you know.

There is a geo-fencing feature in the app. Geo-fencing allows you to get a notification whenever the tracked vehicle enters or leaves a location that you set. For example you can set to receive a notification when the vehicle reaches school or arrives home.

You can keep track of driving habits. The app will track important data such as acceleration, hard braking and speed. For the latter, an easy to understand Speed Bands feature colors a drive based on speed ranges. You can easily tell if the driver has been driving recklessly.

Of course, as an ODB2 device, Bouncie will also track and report on the vehicle health. It will alert you when something needs your attention. Manage the little things before they become big problems!

In order for the device to provide the app with a live update, it needs a data connection. Bouncie requires a monthly $8 subscription. However, there is no contract so you can cancel anytime.
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