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We know of people who think themselves self-sufficient because they know how to open a can of canned food. If that is all that you know, you may very well be on your way to being self-sufficient in the true sense of the phrase with the Garden in a Can from Back to the Roots. This unique product lets just about anyone including kids become a bona-fide gardener by opening a can and just adding water and sunlight. You don’t even need a can opener.

The Garden in a Can is brought to you by Back to the Roots, the same two guys who successfully Kickstarted the Home Aquaponics Kit, a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food. This time, they are back with a product that makes growing your very own herb garden a totally idiot proof process.

The can contains everything that you need to grow a healthy herbal plant including seeds and a special nutrient rich soil created using biochar technology. This special soil prevents over watering without the need for messy drainage holes. All you need to do is add water and make sure your Garden in a Can gets enough sunlight. There is no need for transplanting and it is fully organic as no chemicals are used.

Four different types of herbs are currently available – basil, cilantro, sage and dill – and they can be bought in a special 4-can pack to create your very own herb garden. The cost is about the equivalent of buying the herbs from the store. However, you get the extra benefit of beautifying your kitchen plus you cannot get any fresher than plucking your herbs fresh from the pot can.

If you have kids, they would absolutely love watching the plants grow and learning to take care of them. In fact, the Garden in a Can is such a great learning experience, if you were to share a photo of your own plant on your Facebook or Instagram account and tag them with #GardenInACan, Back to the Roots will donate a can to an elementary school classroom.
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