How can a Tiny, Lo-Fi Toy Camera Be This Much Fun?


Have you ever built or played with a pinhole camera as a kid? Besides being amazed with how a crude looking image can be captured on the translucent screen, the pinhole camera is a wonderful educational toy that teaches about light and optics. The Bonzart Lit takes the science behind the pinhole camera and combine it with parts from a digital camera to create a toy camera that is tiny, cute, fun, educational and whimsical at the same time.

First of all, do not expect the Bonzart Lit to be a digital camera albeit a cheap one. It is in a way but you will be very disappointed if you expect it to take photos like one. Think of it as a digital version of a Lomography film camera. Don’t know what a Lomography camera is? Perhaps you are more familiar with the retro Lomo effect filter that are the rage on Instagram.

The Bonzart Lit is not a digital filter. It uses a pinhole lens instead of a normal lens in a camera. That low resolution vintage look that you get complete with fuzzy images and full of weird optical aberrations is the result of using a pinhole camera. If you love the retro style photos of Lomography cameras without the hassle of real film, the Bonzart Lit is the camera for you.

The Bonzart Lit is meant as a toy camera and it is definitely simple enough to be used by any kid who knows which way to point the camera and how to press a button. It is small, light and durable enough as a plaything. However, it takes a Lomo fan to truly appreciate what the Bonzart Lit can do.



Where to Buy Bonzart LIT Digital Camera


Bonzart LIT Digital Camera

The Bonzart Lit takes the pinhole camera and combine it with parts from a digital camera to create a digital camera that takes Lomo-like photos.

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