You may have seen the viral video of the world’s fastest robot, the Kuka Agilus, playing table tennis or ping pong against Timo Boll, one of the top table tennis players in the world. The whole video may have been just a glorified commercial for Kuka but it is pretty entertaining. The video does prove that an industrial robot arm can make a pretty good table tennis player. The iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot is not in the same class as the Kuka Agilus but it can make you a better table tennis player.

The iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot works similarly to a tennis ball machine. It launches balls at you while adding top and back spin at various speeds and angles. It has an oscillation function that can be programmed to launch balls all over the table adding to the challenge.  The robot comes with a wired remote control to change the settings of the robot from your side of the table.

Assembling the iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot takes only seconds and the ball holder holds more than 100 balls at a time. You can set up the robot and be ready to train in less than a minute. Unlike the Agilus, it doesn’t return the ball to you so after depleting the 100 plus balls, you have the task of picking up all the balls. Now, if only someone can come up with a ball picking robot as well.


Where to Buy iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot


iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot

The iPong Pro is a remote controlled, portable ping pong partner with an exciting oscillation feature that adds to your training challenge. Ready to play any time you are.

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