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Do you remember the iPod? For the first time, music lovers had a portable device that stored their entire music collection that they can bring along to wherever. Everyone had one until the smartphone came along. The final nail in the iPod’s coffin was when we all switched to subscription based music services. While I love my smartphone and the virtually unlimited music library of my Spotify and Amazon Music account, there are times that I do miss my old iPod Shuffle. The iPod was ultra-light, super durable, didn’t used up my monthly data plan or required an internet connection. If you have ever wished for a device that combined all the great features of the iPod and the wonders of a music subscription service, your wish has been granted. Introducing the Mighty Vibe.

The Mighty Vibe is an offline device with its own 8GB of onboard storage which stores more than 1000 tracks. It connects to your smartphone (Android and iOS) via its companion app. The app lets you automatically synchronize your Spotify or Amazon Music playlists to the player. The synchronization happens when the Vibe is in close proximity with the paired phone. Once synchronized, it works just like an offline iPod Shuffle. You can listen to your downloaded playlist tracks or podcasts without the presence of your phone or an internet connection.

This awesome little device even does one better than the iPod Shuffle as it has support for both wired headphones and wireless Bluetooth ones as well. If you have a car stereo that supports Bluetooth, you can pair with it and enjoy your music subscription playlists. Once again, without the need for a data connection.

The Mighty Vibe doesn’t look like much. It is just a 1.5″ by 1.5″ plastic box. It has a circular button that looks like a jog dial but it is just 4 separate buttons arranged in a ring with a big play button in the center. The other buttons let you control the volume and switch tracks. There is also a separate playlist button. The back of the unit is a strong clip that can be used to clip the player to your sleeve, bag strap or a hat. There is no display on the unit so when selecting a playlist, it speaks out the playlist title instead, Not as efficient or intuitive as tapping on a screen but it works.

A music player without a screen may seem very archaic in this day and age but it also makes the Mighty Vibe highly durable. I guess it also keeps the cost down. The durability is important as the target users of the Mighty Vibe are the active or outdoor users who do not want to put their smartphones at risk while enjoying their activities. Or those whose activities take them to areas where internet connections are less reliable or not available at all. It is interesting to note that the cost of a Mighty Vibe is less that the cost to replace a broken smartphone screen. So keep your phone at home or safely locked up and just take the player with you.

If you are perfectly happy using your phone as your music player then you don’t need the Mighty Vibe. However, if you like to go for quick runs or workouts at the gym, and need a light and simple player that supports Spotify or Amazon Music, this is a must have device.

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