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People who take running seriously may benefit from the services of a running coach. However, unless you are super rich or a professional runner, you are unlikely to be able to afford one. Thankfully, technology has made it possible for just about any serious runner to have a virtual running coach in the form of the Lumo Run.

First and foremost, take note that the Lumo Run is not an activity tracker like a Fitbit. It does not keep track of your number of steps or other forms of activities besides running. This is specifically aimed at runners who want to improve their running form. It measures and tracks much more than just steps and distance. Both beginners and seasoned runners can benefit from the device.

The Lumo Run is not worn on the wrist like most activity trackers. It is supposed to be worn on your pants’ waistband at the small of your back. It is very light and after awhile you’ll probably forget that it is even there. Should you totally forget about it and it ends up in your washer, don’t worry as it is waterproof and can survive a spin in your washer.

The tracker connects wirelessly to your iPhone and communicates with the free Lumo running app. As you run, the device keeps track of your movements and analyzes them. The app will provide you with realtime feedback on how to improve your running form through your earphones. You can still listen to your favorite tunes as you run as the app will automatically reduce the music volume when it provides feedback. When you are not meeting your goals, you get an audio signal that motivates you to up your game. Running correctly also reduces your risk of injury.

Lumo Run keeps track of your cadence (steps per minute), braking, bounce, pelvic rotation and pelvic drop. Prior to this, the only way you can get such data is probably in a performance lab. Lumo Run will tell you when it detects poor form such as high bounce. It will also provide recommended goals to improve your form such as increasing your cadence. A normal activity tracker won’t be able to provide such data or train you to run with better form. The device may be a little limiting in its use but for what it is designed to do, it does it pretty well.
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