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Most people have migrated from the paper planners to storing everything on apps that reside on smartphones. It is certainly very convenient to have everything accessible via your phone. Furthermore, with the power of the cloud, your schedule and notes can be synchronized and accessed from any device, any time. However, there are many who still rely on a paper based planner. Perhaps it is the irreplaceable feel of actual pen on paper. Perhaps it feels more important if you can write it down. Whatever the reason, you now can have the best of both worlds with the Slice Planner.

The Slice Planner looks and functions very much like the traditional planners you loved. However, there are a few add-ons that are used to bridge the old-fashioned planner with the digital age. The most important element is of course the introduction of an accompanying app. The app employs the use of the camera to capture your drawings and diagrams and also Google Cloud Vision for notes handwriting recognition.

The planner itself makes use of a special radial diagram that looks something like a cross between a pie chart and a clock. The idea is to shade sections of the radial diagram and assign an event. When scanned with your phone’s camera, the app automatically translates the diagram and save the events into your digital calendar.

The app is smart enough to combine both your manual events with the events that are already on your calendar. If there are any events that clashes, you will be notified. What is even cooler, the app uses augmented reality to show you the events that are clashing on the Slice Planner’s radial diagram. You can then fix the problem right on the app itself and the calendar will be updated accordingly.

The Slice Planner has blank pages that give you the freedom the write notes, make sketches or just doodle to your heart’s content. Your notes and drawings can be easily saved and shared digitally. At the bottom of the page, there are icons for a letter, cloud and calendar. Just cross out the icons accordingly to save the page as an email attachment, save to cloud storage or save as an event on your calendar.

What if you don’t want to save the entire page but just a selected portion of it? The Slice Planner has got you covered. Just draw a line around the portion that you want to save and the app will intelligently extract only that portion. In fact you can use this feature with any surface like notes on a whiteboard.

The Slice Planner is available in 2 versions, a leather soft cover and a hard cover. It is also available in a few different colors. You can get your very own hybrid paper planner with augmented reality by pledging for one of the rewards on the Slice Planner Kickstarter page.
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