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Chances are, if you are not a computer gamer, you are most likely unaware of the greatness of the mechanical keyboard. After all, in a world where digital normally triumphs over analog and mechanical, a mechanical keyboard by right, no longer has a place on our desktops. However, ask any computer gamer worth his salt, he will tell you that the mechanical keyboard with its clicky keys still reigns supreme and the Das Keyboard is highly coveted.

The Das Keyboard range of keyboards do cost quite a bit more than your standard keyboard. But if you are like most of us here who spend 8 hours or more per day in front of a computer, shouldn’t you be investing more on a peripheral that you work on for the better part of the day?

It is hard to describe the advantages of mechanical keys on a keyboard over a normal keyboard. We describe a normal keyboard’s keys as “sticky”, a term that you probably won’t understand unless you have actually used a mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keys bounce faster. We are talking fractions of a second. For a gamer, it is a difference between life and death. However, even for a non-gamer, once you have gone mechanical, you don’t ever want to go back again.

The main attraction of the Das Keyboard is of course the Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switches. However, the keyboards have a number of other premium features. First and foremost, the keyboards are built like a brick and weigh like one as well. Even their most basic model with its minimalist design weighs 2 lbs. The top panel is made from aluminum.

Each key is laser etched for durability. You can rest assured that the keys won’t fade with time. However, if you are a truly uber typist, you can opt for the Ultimate version which has blank keys. The Professional version of the keyboard comes with a huge volume knob on the upper right together with a set of dedicated multi-media buttons.

If you are worried that the Das Keyboards are designed for gamers and thus have loud and garish designs, you need not worry. Besides the weight, a Das Keyboard doesn’t look that much different from normal keyboards meant for work. They are mostly black and they don’t even have LED backlighting and other superfluous features.

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