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Knife sharpening is a skill that not many people have. Many just replace their blunt knives with new ones. Some just continue using blunt knives not realizing that a blunt knife is actually dangerous to use compared to a sharp one. Save money and stay safe by using the Work Sharp Angle Set Knife Sharpener.

There are many devices out there that claim to sharpen knives with little skill or effort. However the best method is still the traditional method of using a sharpening stone. The trick has always been holding the knife edge constantly at the correct angles you sharpen. Otherwise you are just wearing out your blade instead of sharpening it.

The Work Sharp Angle Set Knife Sharpener simplifies the task by fixing the position of the sharpening stone at an angle. That way, you just concentrate on holding the blade at a vertical position. This is a much easier task to master.

There are 5 different angles you can set from 15 to 25 degrees. Furthermore, the set comes with coarse, medium, and fine grit surfaces. This allows you do everything from quickly sharpen a well maintained knife to bringing a damaged knife back to life.

This is a fully portable kit. You can set it up on any small work surface and everything fits into a compact carrying case. It doesn’t require any power to run. You can stick it in your camper or backpack to bring it along with you. It also works with all kinds of tools from axes to serrated knives.
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