The Omer Zero Cubed Diving Mask looks a lot like Batman’s mask. Some people think that is rather cool but others, not so much. The Omer Zero Cubed Diving Mask is a free-diving mask that can also be used for scuba diving. The design of the mask is collaboration between Omer and Momo, an Italian car and bike design company. Don’t ask us why a car design company is designing a diving mask. Perhaps they designed the Batmobile as well.

The Omer Zero Cubed Diving Mask has two big selling points and none of them has anything to do with Batman. The first is the mask’s extremely wide field of vision. This is due to the close proximity of the mask’s dual lenses to the face. Omer claims a 30% improvement over classic free diving masks.

Omer Zero Cubed Mask

Secondly, the Omer Zero Cubed Diving Mask is a low volume mask that doesn’t need to be equalized until sixty feet. Equalizing is the act of pushing air into the space through the nose and into the mask to prevent the mask squeezing too tightly around the face which can sometimes cause burst blood vessels. This is not much of an issue for scuba divers but free divers who like to go deeper would love this feature.

Lastly, there is of course the not advertised fact that you can use the mask as part of your Batman costume during next Halloween.



Where to Buy Omer Zero Cubed Diving Mask


Omer Zero Cubed Diving Mask

The Omer Zero Cubed is a revolutionary free diving mask with an exclusive look created in cooperation with renown automotive high performance powerhouse MOMO of Italy.

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