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Mobile devices are generally fragile and sensitive pieces of equipment. One fall and it’s goodbye to your phone or tablet. With NanoHold, your flat backed mobile device will easily stick to any smooth, flat surface such as a mirror, glass, metal, plastic, screens, whiteboard or cabinet door. Now you can take hands free phone usage to a whole new level. The Nanohold is the product of a successful project. It was backed by 1,130 supporters who pledged $16,685 to bring the project to life.

With the NanoHold, you can take full length group or individual selfies with a breeze. You are no longer limited by the length of your arm and you don’t have to rely on a tripod. Aside from that, you can also place it conveniently next to your computer monitor and have access apps on your phone while doing your tasks or when making a presentation.


You can stick it on a wall or cabinet for easy access to family lists or calendars. Its simple appearance is a product of a decade long advanced materials technology research. Despite being only credit-card sized, it can handle objects ten times its weight.

The NanoHold has microscopic suction cups on its surface. It does not leave any residue thus maintaining the cleanliness of your surface. However, it can be subjected to wear and tear and hence may lose its suction. Simply clean the NanoHold to reactivate its suction. Rub the device for 10 seconds using a damp cloth and it is as good as new.

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