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PocketBands 3.0 – Wristband with a Hidden Pocket

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Need a place to stash your key and some cash while you go for a run? If you don’t like the idea of loose items jiggling in your pocket while you run, the PocketBands 3.0 might be what you need.

The PocketBands 3.0 is a simple but effective idea. It is just a simple plastic wristband with a small compartment. It is great for keeping safe small items while you go for a run, workout at the gym, cycling or any outdoor activity.

The band is available in either clear plastic and opaque colored versions. The clear version is for those who want to use it with a Fitbit or other trackers and you want to see the display. The opaque version keeps your contents save from prying eyes.
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Pocketbands are the perfect solution to securely hold small items while on the go! Quickly insert your key, cash or other item into the secure pocket.

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