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Not all of us are the handy man type. Many of us don’t even have a well-stocked toolbox. I bet many of you don’t even know where you placed your toolbox. Furthermore, carrying your heavy toolbox around the house can be cumbersome especially if all you want to do is to do some minor repairs. Why go through such trouble when you can have a toolbox that fits in the palm of your hands? The Kelvin.23 Urban Multi Tool gives everything that you need for all your minor repairs needs at home.

The Kelvin.23 Urban Multi Tool features 23 handy tools in one compact package. It includes a hammering surface (no more using the heel of a shoe), powerful alloy magnets for holding screws (no more missing or misplaced screws), a tape measure, a snap-action 16-bit screwdriver, a liquid level, and an LED light. The screwdriver handle even locks at 90-degrees for applying additional torque. The tape measure makes measurements in both inches and centimeters. The tool has a cast aluminum body and rubber touch handle and runs on two CR2032 3V batteries (for the LED light).

Kelvin.23 Urban Multi Tool

The Kelvin.23 Urban Multi Tool is great for doing everyday tasks such as hanging pictures, putting up shelving, assembling flat-packed furniture, tightening loose screws or making a quick measurement. It fits in your pocket or in a drawer so it is easily available and carrying it around is not as cumbersome as a bulky toolbox.

Doing repairs has never been this easy with the Kelvin.23 Urban Multi Tool.

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