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Do you know what one of the best uses for the iPad or tablet computer is? It is perfect for displaying your recipes or watching “how to” cooking videos while you cook. However, finding a proper place to place your iPad in a kitchen that can understandably get pretty messy can be a challenge. This is where the Bamboo Cutting Board for iPad comes in.

The Bamboo Cutting Board for iPad is specially designed for the home cook. It is a cutting board with a slot at the edge that is designed to hold your iPad at the perfect viewing angle. It is placed at the ideal distance for you to view even recipes with small text and to interact with. You don’t need to scramble when you need to quickly pause a video while you play catch up.

Chopping food items can sometimes get messy and you wouldn’t want to get bits of food on your iPad. So the Bamboo Cutting Board for iPad thoughtfully comes with a removable clear screen shield. Put it on when you want to protect your iPad and take it off when you need to interact with it.

The Bamboo Cutting Board for iPad is made from of naturally strong and antibacterial bamboo. It is easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. There are also convenient knife slots on both sides of the cutting board that can store up to 8 knives, 4 on each side.

Although the Bamboo Cutting Board for iPad is designed with the iPad in mind and will fit all iPads except for the larger Pro series, it will also fit most Android tablets with displays up to 9.5 inches.
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