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Cycling is fast gaining popularity among urban population either as an environmental friendly mode of transportation or as a great form of exercise. However, there is one area that all cyclists have to sacrifice when they transition from a car to a bicycle, secure storage space. Open bike baskets provide some storage space which is ideal for a little grocery shopping but when it comes to secured storage, locking things inside the car or throwing them in the trunk is no longer an option. Buca Boot is a new accessory that fits most bicycles that provide both ample open bike basket space that also doubles up as secured storage.

While the Buca Boot is not very large, it has ample space to store a laptop, a pair of shoes or even a bike helmet. It is also ideal for storing items that you would like to keep dry just in case if it rains. When you need even more storage space, just open the flap covers on the basket and the Buca Boot transforms into an open bike basket. As an open basket, it can carry much larger items like a grocery bag, a yoga mat or a couple cases of beer. The flaps also house two side pannier bags made of waterproof rip-stop nylon canvas, creating even more storage space.

This versatile bike basket cum secure storage box is also beautifully designed with a truly classic look. The storage box itself is made from impact resistant ABS plastic but the cover flaps are beautiful marine grade wood. The hinge mechanism is patent pending.

The Buca Boot mounts on most standard bike racks. The mounting screws are mounted from the inside of the storage box. This means that the only way the box can be removed is by unlocking and opening the box first.

With the Buca Boot, your bike becomes a much more versatile than before. You no longer have to worry about your valuables staying safe when you walk away from your bike.
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