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If you go on roadtrips and find yourself having to spend the night or even taking a short nap at the backseat, you will realize that it is not really ideal for sleeping. A little too much tossing around may cause you to end up falling into the space between the seat rows. To get a much better and less eventful sleep, you should consider getting the Inflatable Car Airbed.

As the name suggests, the Inflatable Car Airbed is an air mattress that is designed for your car or specifically your car’s backseat. What makes it different from a normal air mattress is that it allows you to make use of leg room to create a much wider sleeping area. There are two airbags that fit into the leg room area thus propping up the mattress properly. That extra width makes a lot of difference, trust us.

The Inflatable Car Airbed even comes with 2 inflatable pillows which makes your sleep more restful. We don’t think it is wide enough for 2 persons but it will fit 2 small children just fine. Thankfully, the airbed comes with an air pump that is powered by your car’s 12V DC outlet or better known as the cigarette lighter socket. There are 2 compartments in the airbed that needs to be filled up separately. It takes about a minute to a minute and a half to fill up each compartment. The airbed should fit about 95% of all cars out there.

When deflated, the airbed takes up minimal space. You can even store the folded deflated airbed in the glove compartment.

The Inflatable Car Airbed is more than just an airbed for your car. Take it out and turn it upside down and you get a pretty comfy air sofa that you can place on the ground. Alternatively, you can throw it in the water and you get a floating water lounger.

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