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Wink Relay – Instant Access to your Connected Home

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Do you use Wink App? If you do, the Wink Relay is a must have add-on to your smart home system that allows you to have full control over all your Wink App controlled devices at your finger tips without the need for your smartphone. If you are not a current Wink App user, the Wink Relay might be just the device to make you change your mind about installing a smart home system in your home.

The Wink Relay is like a light switch on steroids. It looks like the light switch has been replaced with a huge switch that looks like a smart phone. In fact, that is one way to describe the Wink Relay. The Wink Relay actually replaces a standard light switch panel on your wall. To install, just remove an existing switch and replace it with the Wink Relay panel. The panel has a 4.3 inch multi touch display that runs Wink App. From this panel, you can control your entire home including turning lights and other electrical appliances on and off, set schedules for devices or set and control the temperature. The Wink App works with hundreds of devices from most smart home devices manufacturers including leading brands like Philips, Honeywell, Kwikset and GE.

However, the Wink Relay is much more than just a single-app smart phone mounted on a wall. It has additional features such as temperature, humidity, sound, and proximity sensors. These sensors can be used to provide feedback to the connected smart devices such as the thermostat and your smart security system for example. It also has a built in microphone and speaker which can be used for notifications and intercom communication.

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The Wink Relay is a wall-mounted controller that runs Wink App letting you manage lights, locks and appliances, all from a central location in your home.

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