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Bumper stickers. Love them or hate them, they used to be many people’s way of letting the whole world know where they stand on all kind of issues. Until Facebook came along that is. Although it is no longer what it used to be, our love (or hate) for the cheesy bumper sticker has not waned much. To add more to its appeal (or salt to the wound), there is now a digital bumper sticker called the Talelight. Yes, you can now change your bumper sticker every day or several times a day just like you would with your Facebook status.

The Talelight reminds us a lot of the digital photo frame (remember those?) except that it comes in the dimensions of a usual bumper sticker, about 8 in by 2 in. Like the digital frame, it has a high resolution color LCD screen that you can customize with just about any image that you want. So, instead of showing photos from your last family vacation, you can now display funny or inspirational messages for all your fellow road users to see. And because it is lighted up, your digital bumper sticker is viewable both day and night.

The Talelight comes with adhesive tape at the back for sticking it to your car. The tape is pretty strong and is road tested to ensure that your expensive bumper sticker does not fall off when you go over a bump on the road. It is also waterproof. Talelight is powered by your car power outlet although it does comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery keeps the display lighted up for a short period after you turn off the car engine.

Changing your bumper sticker requires the use of an app on your smartphone. You can create your own bumper sticker or select a readymade one from the app. Users will also be able to buy stickers created by other users or sell their own via the app’s online marketplace. New images are uploaded to the Talelight via Bluetooth. You can even set your stickers to rotate on a schedule.

Of course, the Talelight can be more than just an electronic bumper sticker. You can use it for all kinds of things that require a static display that you can easily change or update when the need arises like the prices on a storefront or a daily menu announcing the specials for the day.
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