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Reversible Micro USB Cable Simply Makes Life Easier

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Many of us are thankful for the standardization of using micro USB for charging just about all our rechargeable gadgets and also for powering our electronics. If you remember the days of just about every device having its own unique charging cable and adapter, you will no doubt understand the euphoria with micro USB. We laugh at iPhone users with their not-so-standard Lightning cable but lets admit it, secretly inside, we envy the reversible cable that plugs in either way into the Lightning port. However, thanks to the Reversible Micro USB Cable, we now can have both the user-friendliness of the Lightning cable and the ubiquitousness of the micro USB cable.

The Reversible Micro USB Cable is such a great idea and a boon to all of us who grapple and fumble with micro USB cables especially in the dark. We wonder why no one has come out with this earlier as the micro USB standard has been around for years. In fact, the new USB Type C standard that does support a reversible cable is already out and many new phones and devices have already replaced the USB connector with the new standard. However, many of us still own many devices that still have the non-reversible USB connectors.

The new Reversible Micro USB Cables work with just about any micro USB device you have. They work for both charging as well as for data transfer. The standard micro USB cable has a connector that has a wider edge on the smaller end. These have chamfered edges on both sides so that they will fit in either way. If that sounds a little confusing, just take at the close-up comparison image of the connector above.

What is interesting is that the Reversible Micro USB Cable is not just reversible on the smaller connector that plugs into your device but the bigger end that plugs into the charger or a standard USB port on a computer is reversible as well. Although we don’t normally attach and detach¬†the other end of the cable most of the time, it is still a very nice feature to have.
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Thanks to its new design, the Reversible Micro USB Cable has reversible ports on both ends; plug in without worrying about the cable orientation.

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