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If you have young children at home, you may have worries about them having access to your dangerous kitchen knives. Some people resort to locking up their kitchen knives in drawers but there is always the worry that you forget to do so. To allay your worries and fears, you may want to consider getting the Joseph Joseph LockBlock knife block that is specially designed just for this purpose.

What makes the Joseph Joseph LockBlock knife block such a great product is that all you have to do to keep sharp kitchen knives from young children is to store them in a knife block. Of course, this is no ordinary knife block as it has a special lock that prevents the knives from being removed.

The Joseph Joseph LockBlock has a special locking mechanism. To unlock, you need to grasp the green release mechanism at the side of the block and the top of the block and squeeze. However, this can only be done by an adult as you need an adult-sized hand to release the lock and remove a knife at the same time. The knives slide out smoothly from their slots with no extra force required. The release button can be found on both sides of the knife block. Either one can be used to release the knives.

When you reinsert a knife back into the knife block, the locking mechanism  securely holds the knife in place as you slide it in. It is a surprisingly simple and practical solution that is the hallmark of the innovative kitchen ware designers at Joseph Joseph.

With the Joseph Joseph LockBlock knife block, you can now allow your child to help you out at the kitchen without worrying that he or she gets access to your knives without your supervision.

The knife block comes with a set of 6 high quality knives made from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel but if you want to use it with your own set of knives, you can get just the knife block on its own for a whole lot less. The knife slots are standard sizes so should accept any standard sized knives.

There is an added advantage of getting the block with the knives. The set of knives that come with the Joseph Joseph LockBlock are color coded to match the slot color tagging on the block. That makes it so much easier to identify which knife goes into which slot. It is features like these that prove the amount of thought and care that goes into designing the Joseph Joseph products and why it remains one of our favorite kitchenware brands.
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