Watching the latest movie or catching up on the newest season of a beloved TV show is significantly enhanced in a dedicated theater room. Home theaters are becoming increasingly common with the easy availability of countless shows and films online. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and HBO Go have made viewing movies the best way to unwind after a hard day’s work.

You may have some basic gadgets in your home theater but it can be substantially improved with the addition of some very cool devices. Here’s a useful home theater guide that will ensure a better and more enjoyable viewing experience.

Octane Swivel Tray Table

Watching movies goes hand-in-hand with crunching some buttery popcorn and gulping a cola. Unfortunately, most recliners don’t come with a dedicated tray table to keep these munchies and drinks. Fortunately, a swivel tray table from Octane solves spillage problems and allows you to keep snacks nearby.

The Octane swivel tray has a matte finish and a solid aluminum post. The table swivels 360 degrees and can be easily washed and removed. It’s about 13 inches long and 9 inches wide which is more than enough room to hold a large tub of popcorn, a Coca-Cola or beer. The manufacturer also gives a one-year warranty. Get it here.

Sunfire Wireless Subwoofer Kit

A home theater system is incomplete without the Sunfire wireless receiver and transmitter kit for subwoofers. Almost always subwoofers are placed far from the TV. Linking the subwoofer to the TV requires a lot rewiring. There are wires under the carpet, around the door of the theater room or on the walls.

Excessive wiring hinders your home theater design and makes it look lackluster. The solution is the Sunfire 2.4 GHz wireless subwoofer kit that is specifically designed to reduce the usage of wires. Simply plug the subwoofer kit’s to the home theater’s receiver and the subwoofer kit’s receiver to your subwoofer. You can place your subwoofer anywhere in your theater room now. Up to four subwoofers can be connected to this kit at any time.

This kit also boosts sound quality. For information on the kit and its pricing, head over here.

Panamax M5400-PM Home Theater Power Management System

Setting up a truly entertaining home cinema system requires the use of multiple gadgets. Unfortunately, most of the time, all the electric outlets on the wall are used up. Adding more devices can be challenge when there are no more electric points left and you’ve run out of surge protectors.

The Panamax M5400-PM Power Management System is a big step up from surge protectors. Not only does it protect various entertainment devices against power spikes and fluctuations, but it’s equipped with 11 filtered outlets. It prevents pops, hisses, hums and disconnects power in the event of a lighting strike. Buy it here.

Logitech Harmony Home Control

Having a home-based cinema means stocking up on the best gadgets. A whole lot of gadgets that come with their own remote controls. This means having seven different controls for your home theater system which can certainly be a pain for those who tend to lose them.

To avoid the hassle of multiple control points, consider buying the Logitech harmony home control. It’s a universal remote that can be used to operate over 270,000 devices. Besides being compatible with TV, satellite or cable box, Xbox, Bu-ray player, Apple TV and Wii, it can also be used on a Roku streaming player, hue lights, thermostat, Sonos and other gaming consoles.

The Logitech harmony home control can be installed on a smartphone through an app and is equipped with voice control. You can say goodnight and the lights will dim automatically. Say switch on TV and the LED will fire up. Get it here.

Classic Coca-Cola Refrigerated Machine

Coke and popcorn are essential food items for catching up on the latest action flicks. A vintage Coca-Cola refrigerated machine, like this one, will definitely enhance your home theater design and provide a place to store chilled soda or beer. No need to pause the movie and head to the kitchen every time you need a refill.

This classic Coca-Cola machine has a bottle opener on the side, keeps about 80 cans cool at a time and has wheels on the bottom for easy movement. These machines were extremely popular in the 1950s. Harken back to old times by buying it here.

Vintage Popcorn Machine

Now that you’ve got a stylish refrigerator, a vintage popcorn machine is the next logical purchase. The kettle popcorn popper from Nostalgia is equipped with a built-in stirring system, stainless steel kettle, a titled door to serve guests and vented windows. It pop ten cups of corn per batch. Devour buttery popcorn at home while catching up on the latest TV show. Head over here to buy it.

Roku Express HD Streaming Player

All shows and movies are now streamed online through apps and websites. Instead of browsing through different sites at different times, it would be better to have a streaming player that enables you to select the most popular streaming services using a single device.

The Roku express HD streaming player streams films at 1080p HD and lets you access over 450,000 movies apart from viewing all the content on numerous streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and PBS KIDS. There is no rental fee, it’s easy to navigate, and you can search content by actor, title or director. Additionally, access to two months of HBO NOW is included with its purchase. Get it here.

TiVo Roamio OTA

With hectic schedules being the norm, it’s easy to miss out on a favorite TV show or movie. The TiVo Roamio records four shows simultaneously or 150 hours of HD programming in one go. Its SkipMode lets you skip commercial breaks and QuickMode allows viewers to watch recorded content 30% faster. And there are no additional service fees. It’s perfect for watching quality TV. Get it here.

Nostalgia Full Size Kegerator

Traditional refrigerators are great but kegerators are better. A full-sized kegerator and beer dispenser, such as this one sold by Nostalgia, has a 5.1-cubic foot capacity, an easy dispenser in the form of a spring-loaded tap, an adjustable thermostat, a removable drip tray and a large wire shelf. Your beer will remain chilled during the duration of the movie. Head over here to buy it.

Row One Tablet Holder

Using a tablet in the theater room can be difficult if the recliner has no place to keep it. A tablet holder is the perfect solution to this problem. The Row One tablet holder is made of brushed aluminum, can swivel 360 degrees and fits all models of iPads and Kindles. This nifty device is useful for viewers who access streaming apps through their tablets. Purchase it here.

The above mentioned cool gadgets can boost your viewing experience and spruce up your home theater’s décor. Basic entertainment devices can only enhance the experience so much. It’s time to invest in quality products that will last for years.

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