Smencils are gourmet-scented pencils. You read that right. Gourmet-scented pencils. And what in the world are gourmet-scented pencils? They are pencils that have special fragrances infused into the pencil. They come in a variety of smells including Cherry Vanilla, Kinda Cola, Sorta Soda and Juicy Melon. Each pack of Smencils come with 10 pencils, each with a unique smell.

Besides the novelty of scented pencils, Smencil are actually made from 100% recycled newspapers. So not only do Smencils make the world smell nicer, it is saving the world at the same time. Sheets of newspaper are rolled around the graphite core to form the pencil. Then they are hardened and then soaked in gourmet liquid scents. Smencils can be sharpened just like normal pencils. Even the tube that each Smencil is stored in are environmental friendly. They are made from corn-based biodegradable material. The tube ensures that the Smencil retain its fragrance for at least two years.

Smencils are available as normal pencils as well as colored pencils.


Where to Buy Educational Insights 10-Pack Smencils


Educational Insights 10-Pack Smencils

Draw student attention with these gourmet-scented pencils. An alternative to wooden pencils, Smencils are made from 100% recycled newspapers you can even see the layers of newspaper when you sharpen them. Individually packed in their own freshness tubes, the ten scent-sational fragrances are guaranteed to keep their wonderful aromas for two years.

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