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The Thumb-sized Speaker


X-Mini produces a range a portable mini speakers for pairing with smartphones and tablets. However, their new X-Mini WE Micro Bluetooth Speaker is their tiniest speaker yet. This speaker is so tiny, you might never find it if you drop it. This speaker is so tiny, you might accidentally swallow it you are not careful. Okay, we exaggerate but only by a tiny bit.

It is mind boggling how X-Mini managed to squeeze in both Bluetooth and NFC for quick pairing into the X-Mini WE. But what is even more amazing is that the X-Mini WE actually sounds quite decent. Don’t expect booming bass of course but it is a huge improvement over any smartphone or tablet’s built-in speaker for sure.

X-Mini WE Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Pairing the X-Mini WE is super easy if your phone supports NFC. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts an impressive 6 hours. But the best thing about the X-Mini WE is that its small size makes it really portable. It has a metal loop that you can attach to a keychain, a phone lanyard or even hook it to a belt or purse strap.
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