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Like most people, we only use our alarms to wake us up in the morning. After groggily switching it off, the alarm stays on the nightstand and is forgotten until the next morning. But what if you can bring your alarm along with you and let it automatically alert you of your entire day’s schedule. What if you are never late again for another meeting, appointment or miss picking up your kids? This is a possibility with the help of cloudiss, the smart alarm that organizes your life automatically.

First of all, cloudiss looks like no alarm we have ever seen before. It has no clock display. It has a very attractive looking minimalist design that reminds us of a small water flask or a flashlight. It has a cylindrical aluminum body, a wooden top and a leather strap. There are no buttons except for a single hidden power button that is accessed by pulling up on the wooden cap. The same space also hides the microUSB charging port. The built-in battery can last about 20 days on a single charge.

The cloudiss is loud, much louder than a smartphone alarm at max volume. Unlike an ordinary alarm that lets you silence or snooze the alarm by pressing a button, the only way to silence this alarm is by shaking it vigorously. By the time the sound goes off, we can pretty much guarantee that you are very much awake. As far as an alarm to wake you up, the cloudiss works perfectly.

The smart alarm connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. An accompanying app allows you to set alarms manually or to automatically sync with the alarms with your Google calendar. If you use the sync option, the alarm will sound for all your set appointments in your calendar. You can also set to offset mode. This basically sounds the alarm before the appointed time. This provides you with some time to prepare for the upcoming calendar item.

You can set cloudiss to read out your appointment after the alarm goes off to alert you of your appointment without having to look at your phone. Your wake up alarm can also be synced to your calendar and cloudiss will automatically set your wake up time to wake you up in time for your first appointment. You can then get the maximum hours of sleep each day.

The cloudiss’ small size makes it fairly portable and easy to carry around with you. When at home or at work, you can just place it near you and hang it somewhere using the leather strap.
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