We love home made ravioli but it involves a lot of work especially cutting out the strips of dough, inserting the filling and cutting out the ravioli one by one. With the Ravioli Rolling Pin, a single roll of the rolling pin creates a nice template of ravioli pockets. Then all you have to do is to put the ravioli filling into each pocket. Next roll out another sheet of dough with the Ravioli Rolling Pin and place the second sheet over the filled sheet. Lastly cut out each ravioli using a pastry knife.

Alternatively, you can fill out the first sheet, place a smooth sheet over the first and then use the Ravioli Rolling Pin to cut out the individual ravioli pieces.

Using the Ravioli Rolling Pin, we can make a lot of ravioli in just a fraction of the time we usually take. We keep the extras in the refrigerator for storage. Now, we can have great tasting home made ravioli all the time.


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Ravioli Rolling Pin

Make home made ravioli like Grandma used to with this ravioli rolling pin.

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