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USB charging is heaven sent for the road warrior with an arsenal of gadgets. Gone are the days when you need a dozen different chargers, one for every gadget you have in your travel bag. Nowadays, all you need are a few USB chargers plus a few USB charging cables to cover your every need. However, if you are MacBook user with lots of gadgets, you may be able to pare down your load even further to just one charger, the Twist Plus+ World Charging Station.

If you plan to bring along your MacBook when you travel abroad, you either need to bring along the correct power socket adapter or add an international adapter to your list of must-carry gadgets. And god forbid should you bring along the wrong socket adapter.

The Twist Plus+ makes life easier for world travelers with a MacBook. It is an international power adapter that supports over 150 countries worldwide and it integrates with the charger that comes with your MacBook. To select the country adapter that you need, just press a button and twist the back of the unit to pop out the prongs. The twisting mechanism makes the adapter selection easier compared to many other adapters we have tested.

Having the adapter integrated with the MacBook charger means that you are less likely to forget to bring it or leave it behind at the hotel or office. The Twist Plus+ is more than just a simple adapter as it also comes with 4 built-in USB charging ports which should be more than enough for the most seasoned road warrior.

With a total of 4 amps of charging power, that means that you can charge 2 iPads simultaneously or 4 iPhones at once at a comparable speeds to their original chargers.

If you are not a MacBook user, you can also get the standard version of the Twist that does not come with the adapter for the MacBook charger.
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