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Once upon a time, office workers worked by holding a pen in their hands. Today, the mighty pen has been replaced by the computer mouse. However, the iPazzPort KP-810-38 wireless pen mouse and electronic pointer would like to bring back the good old days of the pen by combining the functions of a mouse and a laser pointer in a device shaped like a pen.

We have to admit that the iPazzPort KP-810-38 doesn’t look much like a pen but it is designed to be held in your hand like a pen. It uses a light emitter and optical sensor just like an optical mouse at the bottom of the device. Where your forefinger and thumb rests on the device are where the left and right mouse buttons are located. Using the thumb instead of your middle finger to press the right mouse button requires some getting used to.

Located right above the left mouse button is the scroll button. Again we are more used to using our middle finger for scrolling rather than the forefinger. When using as a mouse, the iPazzPort KP-810-38 comes with a cradle that holds the pen in the ideal position. While it works perfectly well as a mouse, the iPazzPort KP-810-38 is probably more suitable for what it is primarily designed for – as a presenter device for controlling slide presentations.

It even has a fairly bright laser pointer built in. Using the iPazzPort KP-810-38 during a presentation allows you to use the mouse buttons to scroll through the slides and if need to, to quickly use any available surface or even the palm of your hand as a mouse pad to control the mouse cursor.

The iPazzPort KP-810-38 works with Windows, Mac OS and Android devices. No drivers are required. It communicates wirelessly using RF radio frequency and a USB dongle is included with the device.
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