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Move over duct tape. There is a new do-it-all tape in town and it is the Forj Thermoplastic Ribbon. So what can this new miracle tape do? Perhaps a better question is what can’t it do.

First and foremost, the Forj Thermoplastic Ribbon is not sticky tape. While it is in tape form, it is non-sticky and that is why it is referred to as thermoplastic ribbon instead.

In its ribbon form, it is paper thin but remarkably strong. You can use it as it is like a lightweight super strong rope or strap. However, the magic truly happens when the ribbon is layered and molded upon itself. It becomes the lightest, strongest and the most adaptable material ever invented.

When the Forj Thermoplastic Ribbon comes into contact with itself and exposed to heat of above 140ºF, it bonds into a single homogenous structure when cooled down. You can do this by heating up the ribbon with a small fire, blow with hot air or soak it in hot water. In its cooled, solid form, it is totally resistant to moisture, cold, abrasion, puncture and chemicals.

When heated up, the multi-layered thermoplastic ribbon becomes a malleable putty-like form similar to Sugru. It can then be shaped and molded to any form for repairs or making custom grips. It can even be used for medical emergencies by creating medical protections.

Forj Thermoplastic Ribbon is a little harder to work with compared to duct tape but it also in our opinion, far more versatile. Perhaps it won’t replace your duct tape but it definitely deserves a place in your toolbox.
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