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Kids often play and roll around in public places as if they are at home. But we all know how disgustingly filthy the floors at these public places are. Inspired by the real life situation whereby her two babies were crawling all over the dirty floors of an airport, the inventor of the Monkey Mat decided to create a super light, portable and most importantly, clean surface for her babies to play on.

The Monkey Mat is a 5 feet by 5 feet mat made from ripstop nylon. That is more than enough space for 2 adults to comfortably sit or lie on. It has an attached storage pouch that is ultra compact at only 6 in by 6 in. Although it is hard to believe but the mat does fit into the pouch and not only that, you can just simply stuff it in. No careful folding required.

There are a few extra features that make the Monkey Mat the ideal portable picnic blanket. Firstly, the four corners are weighted. Although the mat itself is very light, it should stay in place even when there is a breeze. If you are expecting stronger winds like when you are at the beach, the corners also have loops that you can attach stakes to.

Secondly, at the center of the blanket is a patch with small tabs at each corner. The tabs are ideal for attaching toys, keys or carabiners. The mat is water repellent and machine washable. When you ready to go, just give the mat a shake to remove dirt and sand before stuffing it back into the pouch.

Last but not least, the pouch itself has a buckle strap so that you can easily attach it to a stroller, bag, belt, backpack or cooler.

While the Monkey Mat was originally designed as a playmat for kids, it can be used in many other situations. It is perfect for a picnic at the park or at the beach. It is great for an outdoor concert. It can be used for outdoor exercise. Place it under a high chair during feeding for easy cleanup afterwards.

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