Don’t Get on the Plane Without it


The SIMPLcase for the iPhone 5/5s is designed with the frequent world traveler in mind. If you are a wise and frugal frequent world traveler, you will no doubt have multiple SIM cards, one for each country to save from exorbitant call and data roaming charges. The SIMPLcase makes managing and keeping track of all the SIM cards an easy task.

Under the SIMPLcase back cover is a storage compartment for storing 3 SIM cards (nano or micro size). You can store your extra SIMs for both your iPhone and your iPad here. More importantly, the SIMPLcase also comes with the SIM eject tool and has a storage space for it as well. Not only does the case allow you to conviniently store all your SIMs together, it also comes with the tool that you need to swap out the SIM card.


Last but not least, the SIMPLcase has one more trick up its sleeve. You can turn any standard credit card into a hands free stand with the case. It supports both landscape and portrait orientations. Perfect for catching up with your movie collection while on that long flight.



Where to Buy SIMPLcase World Travelers iPhone Case


SIMPLcase World Travelers iPhone Case

SIMPLcase is a slimline case which stores up to three SIM cards (nano or micro size) plus the iPhone SIM eject tool (included). Buy from