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Do you always find yourself misplacing your keys, wallet and other valuables? Do you stress yourself up and waste precious time frantically looking for them? If the answer is yes, you need KiiTAG, the Bluetooth lost and found tracking device.

The KiiTAG is considered as the best item finder in the market today. Using Bluetooth 4 technology, it tracks your lost item using signal strength within a range of 200 feet. It can track up to 10 items at once by using different names and photos. The device is secured and safe. Unless reported lost, no one will see your tagged item and all your contacts and information will remain safe. It is shaped like a key which makes it perfect for slipping in with a bunch of keys.

Kiitag (2)

The KiiTAG checks the last place where your lost item was connected to your phone. When reported as lost, your tracker reports your contact information to allow the community consisting of other KiiTAG users to help locate the lost item and notify you when it has been found. In addition, you are also notified when the item goes out of range. Set it up on more than one phone or device and it will be synchronized to all devices.

The KiiTAG comes with a replaceable battery with a lifespan of up to 6 months. Likewise, it offers exclusive ownership. Once registered, no one can access or pair with the device. It also includes add-on features (in-app purchase required) such as remote camera shutter, phone finder, notification service, baggage tag, to name just a few. Perfect for taking selfies and to alert you that your luggage has arrived at the airport baggage conveyor.

The KiiTAG comes in three different colors (black, blue and pink) designed to match with your belongings. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4-enabled devices which includes most smartphones on the market today. Recover your lost items with the KiiTAG and lead a stress free life.
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