You just completed the perfect paint job. How long does it stay perfect before it gets nicked, scratched or scuffed? When that happens, you either live with it or move some furniture around to cover it. Fixing it is usually too troublesome or impossible especially when your leftover paint has already dried up. The ColorGlide Pro is what you need to make quick and easy touch-ups and have your paint job restored to perfection.

The ColorGlide Pro consists of a tube with a felt applicator and a pump for transferring paint from the can into the tube. After you are done with a paint job, just transfer some of the leftover paint into the ColorGlide Pro tube using the hand pump. Seal it with the included cover, label it and then store it. If an unfortunate accident happens just take the tube out from storage , give it a good shake so that the ball bearings inside the tube mixes up the paint evenly, and use it for an easy touch-up.

After you are done, just cap it and then store it again until the next touch-up job. No clean-up required The set includes spare applicator pads in case the old one wears out. Best of all, unlike some other similar touch-up systems, the ColorGlide Pro tubes are reusable. Just add in more paint when the tube is empty.



Where to Buy ColorGlide Pro Brushless Painting System


ColorGlide Pro Brushless Painting System

Paint ‘n Go ColorGlide Pro tubes hold about 3-ounces of paint and can be refilled. They are great for fixing scuffs, scratches and for small paint jobs.

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