We absolutely love our mophie portable power banks ever since we first came across the mophie Juice Pack Reserve for Apple devices with the older 30-pin connector. Since then we have tried out a couple other mophie products which all had stylish design combined with practical features. With power banks, it is all about hitting the right balance between size and capacity plus a well thought design for portability. Mophie continues with its line of well designed products with the keychain-friendly mophie Power Reserve Lightning.

The mophie Power Reserve Lightning does for the newer iOs devices with the lightning connector what the mophie Juice Pack Reserve did for the older devices but with a few critical improvements. The most important improvement of all is the increase in battery capacity from 750 mAh to almost double at 1350 mAh. The older model was only good for emergencies and doesn’t really extend your iPhone usage by all that much. The mophie almost doubles the iPhons 5/5s battery.

The other big improvement is the inclusion of a built-in lightning connector cable. The use of a flexible cable instead of connecting the charger to the phone directly is much more user friendly and allows for more flexibility while using the charger. You can now easily stack the charger on the iPhone and stuff them into your pocket for example, something that cannot be done using the Juice Pack Reserve without risking damage to the phone or charger.

Last but not least, the mophie Power Reserve Lightning has a quick release button for quickly removing the charger from the keychain. While not critical, this is a very nice to have feature.



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mophie Power Reserve Lightning

Power that comes along for the ride.Keep the mophie Power Reserve Lightning connected to your keychain for charging on-the-go.

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