Smart switches and smart bulbs are not new and we have featured a number of them on the site. There is also no dearth of options when it comes to wireless Bluetooth speakers. But merge the two and you get something new. The Pulse Smart Bulb is a combination of a smart LED light with a JBL designed wireless Bluetooth speaker.

In fact, the Pulse Smart Bulb comes in a pair and you can set the 1.75″ full-range high-fidelity JBL speakers to play in stereo mode. The Pulse bulb works with any standard light socket. You can mount them on ceiling sockets or you can mount them on a pair of lamps. The speakers themselves can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled music player including smartphones, tablets, PCs or music players.

Download and install the iOS or Android app and you can control both the lighting and audio playback via a smartphone or tablet. You can turn the light on and off or adjust the dimming. You can play music from your music library or stream online from music streaming services like Spotify or Pandora.



Where to Buy Pulse Smart Bulb with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


Pulse Smart Bulb with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Pulse Smart Bulb combines the energy efficiency of LED with audio powered by JBL to provide premier, multi channel stereo LED speaker bulbs.

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