Is your gaming den in a mess with your video gaming consoles lying all over the floor under the TV? Are you always looking for your controllers under the sofa cushions because you can never remember where you left them after the last gaming session? Are your game discs and boxes lying haphazardly all over the place? Organize your game center with the Atlantic Centipede Gaming Stand.

With the Atlantic Centipede Gaming Stand, all your gaming consoles, peripherals, games and even your TV can be neatly organized. The stand supports flat panel TV sizes up to 37 inches. The shelves below easily accommodates up to 4 video game consoles. Up to 12 games can be stored on the game racks on both sides of the stand. Alternatively, you can use the lower shelf to stack more games. It can also hold 6 game controllers and there is even a convenient hook for hanging your headphones.

The Atlantic Centipede Gaming Stand is a great way to store and organize your game systems. It keeps everything easily accessible in a space efficient storage design.



Where to Buy Atlantic Centipede Gaming Stand


Atlantic Centipede Gaming Stand

Atlantic Centipede. Play, organize and store your video game system. Fits up to 37″ flat panel TV. Holds consoles, controllers, games and accessories.

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