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Pull Start Fire – Easy Campfire

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The Pull Start Fire is the easiest way to start a campfire and we are not pulling your leg. Pun intended. It is literally as easy as pulling a string.

Getting a campfire going is not an easy task as any newbie can tell you. We have watched enough pilot episodes of Survivor to know that it true. You have to hunt around for small twigs to use as kindling. You have to make sure that you only pick dry branches or wood. Instead of wasting time and effort, you can just take the easy way.

With the Pull Start Fire firestarter, all you have to do is unpack the firestarter. Then anchor the green loop over something secure like a heavy log. Place wood or logs over the firestarter, and no kindling is required. The logs don’t even have to be dry! Lastly, just yank the red pull string and step back.

The firestarter burns fast and hot. In no time, you will have a good fire going with none of the effort usually required. It will burn on its own for about 30 minutes. The fire is water resistant, windproof and weather-proof.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors.
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Simply loop the Pull Start Fire green string around a log, build a log structure, pull the red string, and you'll have a fire started in no time!

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